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RACGP: Health of a Nation Report, 2023

RACGP: Health of a Nation Report, 2023

Obesity A Disease

Obesity has been a national health priority since 2008; however, the number of Australians living with pre-obesity (previously termed "overweight") or obesity continues to rise.

For at least the past 7 years that I'm aware of, Australian GPs have indicated via this annual national survey that the most important health issues they have regarding their patients are: mental health, chronic disease management and obesity management.

We also know that many people living with obesity (PwO) are concurrently living with mental illness and visa versa. Hence the relationship between these two chronic diseases is bi-directional.

The Australian National Obesity Strategy, 2022 recommends GPs proactively not reactively manage weight gain, recognizing that excess adiposity can lead to recalibration of the body's "set point weight" and the associated cascade of health complications.

To my fellow GP colleagues: the time to act is NOW!

  • Medication absorption after Bariatric Metabolic surgery

    It is important to broadly understand how the bariatric operations work, so then you can understand how/why the subsequent absorption of certain /common medications can be altered after bariatric metabolic surgery. See this article by my friend and colleague Teresa Girolamo, Adelaide.

  • Australian National Obesity Strategy released March 2022

    Australian National Obesity Strategy released March 2022

    The government released the NOS as a result of collaboration from many stakeholders.

    What does it mean for you as a person living with obesity (PwO)?

    You’re entitled to access early intervention and supportive health care.

    So I encourage you to make a long appointment with your GP to discuss your obesity and importantly how it is impacting your health, function, and wellbeing.

    What does it mean for you as a healthcare professional (HCP)?

    The NOS recommends HCPs identify unhealthy weight gain at various life stages.

    Furthermore, the NOS vision is for equitable access to early and appropriate support and treatment to improve health and prevent further weight regain, complications, and associated diseases.

    So rather than reactively treating PwO and the complications thereof, let's proactively treat the underlying disease process with effective evidence-based therapies.

  • "Everybody Needs to Act" World Obesity Day 2022

    Weight bias refers to the negative ideologies associated with obesity. Weight bias leads to weight stigma.

    Weight stigma refers to the discriminatory acts and ideologies targeted towards individuals because of their weight and size.

    Weight stigma is one of the most common forms of discrimination in modern societies, alongside racism and sexism. It is estimated to be experienced by 19-42% of adults living with obesity.

  • RACGP - Obesity prevention and management

    RACGP position statement on prevention and treatment of obesity

  • More than Meets the Eye Campaign

    To help raise awareness around the science and many drivers of obesity and shift the narrative away shame and blame

  • A National Call for Action

    Clinical guidelines for overweight and obesity.

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