Pateints living with obesity and/or metabolic ill-health and who wish to participate in a medical management treatment program or alternatively undergo bariatric metabolic surgery, are often seeking to improve their health, function and wellbeing.

This is where appropriate and realistic goal setting is critical.

The aim of the initial few consultations and associated investigations/tests is primarily to:

  1. assess your general health and nutritional status, so as to better understand how your obesity is currently impacting you METABOLIC, MECHANICAL and MENTAL health.
  2. better understand your current life circumstances,
  3. review your current eating habits, behavioural patterns
  4. medical history, obesity history/trajectory
  5. what you have tried in the past, and how your body responded (or not) to that particular therapy
  6. collectively develop realistic, evidence-based and attainable health-gain goals
  7. manage your expectations and help develop an ACTION-plan as part of the roadmap [i.e. personalised care plan)

If there are any unexpected or concerning findings in your clinical assessments or identified areas for improvement, you will be informed and the treatment team may suggest appropriate recommended modifications +/- initiate therapy where appropriate. Your regular GP and other specialists who assist in your care, will be kept in the loop and updated regularly.

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