Health & Wellbeing

When people come to their initial consultation, we often ask them why they have come. The majority respond " I want to improve my health"… we then ask for more clarification to be able to tailor the therapy to the individual’s need.

Some responses people have provided include:

"To come off as many of my medications as possible"

"To be able to walk up/down stairs with less pain"

"To be able to get down onto the floor and play with my children"

"To be able to sit on an aeroplane without an extension belt"

"or less shortness breath"

"go down a waterslide with my children"

"To increase my fitness so I can kick a ball around with my kids"

As you can see, improvement in health and wellbeing goes beyond the scales. It includes improvements in function, physical and emotional wellness". For others with many risk factors and a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers etc, then losing some weight will help reduce the risk of developing adverse health conditions that are associated with excess weight.

  • So what are your health improvement goals?

An objective way you and your doctor can monitor your health and functional improvement and overall wellness, is using the Edmonton Obesity Staging System (EOSS).



Consequences of weight stigma

weight stigma

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