Combination Therapy

Obesity A Disease

Like most chronic diseases, they will eventually get worse over the course of time, and hence require a "step -up" or intensification of therapy.

Given that obesity is a chronic progressive disease, meaning a condition that you will need to manage for the rest of your life. The good news is -you don’t have to do it alone. Research has shown that people who actively get involved in their chronic disease management and who maintain regular contact (every few months) with a range of health care professionals are more likely to have better control, delayed or not as severe progression and better health outcomes overall.

This of course also means that over time a person may suffer a relapse ie a set-back where their health takes a step backwards,  and this often require further step- up treatment or therapy for a while until things become more manageable.

Think of it as a life-long road trip; there will be some windy roads and some challenging turns. You will find that you come across obstructions and barriers that you didn’t see as you were coming around that tricky corner. You may even go backwards to try to find your way, and then end up where you started. And let’s not forget that change in weather and the blizzard that stops you seeing the light and leaves you feeling hopeless.

All the members in our team are very experienced  with the terrain; we’ve been there before with countless other individuals. However we can’t drive the car for you, you’re in the driver’s seat. But what we will do is hold your map, give you directions, providing support and guidance throughout your journey.

  • "We understand your disease and are here to help"
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