• Obesity Research & Clinical Practice

    Recently we published the results from the Australian people with obesity and doctors who took part in the ACTION IO study.

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  • The Roots of Obesity Run Deep..

    This World Obesity Day, let's make sure the emphasis is on gain in health and not merely loss of weight. Join me and other people with the lived experience, health professionals and organisations as we join together to change the narrative, from one of individual responsibility to one of shared collective responsibility.

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  • World Obesity Day - Take Home Message from Dr. Rigas

    People with obesity are constantly shamed and blamed for their chronic health condition. This is because many people - including doctors, policymakers, and others - do not understand that obesity is a disturbance of normal physiology. They see it as a simple lack of willpower, laziness, or a refusal to "eat less and move more".

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  • World Obesity Day - The Prevalence of Obesity

    On the eve of World Obesity Day, it is only fitting that we look at the World Population Review report which was released on 18th February, 2020. This publication reported on the prevalence of obesity as a proportion of the total population.

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  • GSEM: Global Scientific Expert Meeting Vienna October 2019

    As one of the authors of the ACTION-IO study, I was asked to present on the study findings to an audience of medical doctors from around the world.

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